Free 1-hour coding class for kids

Your child will learn the basics of computer programming while creating their own version of Flappy Birds.

Questions and Answers

When will the classes be?

There will be two classes:

  • Tuesday, Oct 14 @ 2pm
  • Thursday, Oct 23 @ 4pm

Where will the class be held?

At the Brownsburg Library's computer training lab.

450 South Jefferson Street
Brownsburg, IN 46112

What is the age range?

Your child should be at least 7 to get the most out of the material. The upper range is around 11 years old. But if you have a 12 year-old, we won't turn them away.

How long will the class be?

It will last about an hour.

Will the two classes have different content?

No, both classes will cover the same material. Just sign up for the one that works best with your schedule.

Why teach kids to code?

It helps them to think logically and to improve their troubleshooting skills. Steve Jobs said, "Computer science is a liberal art. It's something that everyone should be exposed to, everybody should have a mastery of to some extent."

Who will be teaching the class?

Dan Hersam and John Daley. We are software engineers and parents.

What will you teach?

We will be teaching them basic programming using the curriculum developed by Your kids will be able to create their own version of the popular Flappy Birds game.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Nope. Just bring your child to the library and we'll do the rest.

How many students will be in the class?

No more than 13.

Is this just for boys?

Absolutely not. Girls are every bit as capable of excelling in computer programming. Many large technology companies are actively looking for more female engineers.

Is this only for kids who want to be programmers?

No. Learning how computers work can help your child just as much as a knowledge of biology or physics helps them understand how the world works.